Record Release Party, art show and dance party! With John Wesley Coleman III and the Sisters Grimmm!

Melissa Bryan record release party/art show/dance party

Obsolete Industries, 1700 E. 12th Street

Free. All ages. Open to the public. BYOB.

The Sisters Grimmm kick it off with a short set at 8:30. Gerard Cosloy and Lori Barbero spin records early in the evening, DJ Sue and KOOP’s Stronger than Dirt host Scott Gardner play the dance jamz after the live music.

Dear friends,

After three and a half years of labor as intensive as the Octomum –  had she squeezed every last pup out herself (sans epidural) AND while married to Jon Gosselin**, I am finally freaking releasing my first ever solo album, Return of the Woman.

Now that the torture is over, the drinking and whoring begin. I am having a party. Par-TAY, PAR-TAY. Fortunately, Mr. Billy Bishop finally realized the only way he will stop hearing about the money he owes me is if he’d help me throw this here shindig at his Obsolete Industries studio, at 1700 East 12th Street.

We’re gonna eat some h’orderves, which you’re gonna bring.  Yep, bring food. Seriously, I’m asking you to bring food to MY par-tay. There might be some beer, but you need to bring more. Hey ho!

As for the art show, I’ve asked a bunch of my musician/artists and artist/photographers who-hang-with-musicians pals to show their work. You will be inspired because they all rule. (If you’d like to participate, please send me a message!)

My close personal friends Lori Barbero and Gerard Cosloy will provide the between the bands jamz and DJ Sue and KOOP’s Scott Gardner will round out the evening with a dance party like no other.

You will provide the good good vibes.

Live music will start around 8PM with Girls Rock Camp superstars The Sisters Grimmm,  The sister are Zoe, 12, on bass and Mia, 10, on guitar. After their set, Mia will challenge you to a finger tap-off and Mia will embarrass you. Next, Goner Record’s pistol toting bad boy (and backup singer on 2 songs on Return of the Woman) John Wesley Coleman III, will play with his own band of superstars. The incomparable Terri Lord and Chepo Pena (Sincola uber-rhythm section, for you old folks) and the Diamond Smuggler’s improv anti-hero John Ratliff will accompany me with some extra special guests. You’ll have to wait and see.

I considered registering for my big day at Stockholm-syndrome-survivors-r-us, but after much deliberation I decided to simply be grateful for the good things. Meaning lots of you, my dog, my stacks of self help books and the makers of hydrocodone. That said, if you’d like to fork over for a Breville conical burr coffee grinder, I’d take it happily.

This is a really big deal for me and I hope to see lots of friends out. I’ve even rented a porta-potty. (Trust me, it’s better than Billy’s bathroom.)  I’m already praying it’s purple, like the one the CoA has planted in my front yard.  (Hey, screw renting, does anyone have a truck?) And with that last bit of temptation, I sincerely hope to see you October 1!!!

Art/photos by:

Billy Bishop

Aasim Syed

Allyson Lipkin

Alfonso Rabago

Bill Jeffery

Chepo Peña

Conner O’Leary

Darin Hooks

John Wesley Coleman III

Jon Chamberlain

Laura Matthews

Lisa Dirocco

Marisa Pool

Melissa Bryan

Nic Armstrong

Renate Winter

Terri Lord

**I’ve been informed that the Octomom has nothing to do with John Gosslin, except that they are both cursed with 8 children and there have been rumors of a reality show where they date. If you already knew this, SHAME on you.



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  1. Kondrikarla says:

    Just staetrd reading your stories and so far I love them. Not too short but long enough.. Good work!

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